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Engineers should spend their time engineering.

StrinGnosis® Academy is here to guide engineers during their introduction to StrinGnosis and StrinGnosis® Online. StrinGnosis® Academy is the ultimate online training resource for engineers who want to use StrinGnosis® in their well design process.

StrinGnosis® is a Casing and Tubing design program created by experienced well engineers. It implements the logic of well design via a modular architecture that mimics a designer’s intuition.

Well design is a multi-step process that begins in conception and ends in specification. A robust design requires parametric sensitivities to variations in well parameters and material properties. In this light, StrinGnosis® offers the well design community a state-of-the-art software that is powerful and nimble. It enables the engineer to explore design ramifications and to accurately evaluate alternate well configurations with speed and confidence.

Ease-of-use is the cornerstone of the StrinGnosis® architecture. The creators of StrinGnosis® have designed the program with a wealth of information: wealth enough to please the inquisitive novice or satisfy the prudent designer. StrinGnosis® Academy is an interactive online user manual to help engineers get the most out of this advanced tool.

To get started with StrinGnosis® Academy, view the Start Here section of the website.

Be sure to keep checking back. Throughout 2019 StrinGnosis® Academy will be growing on a daily basis. The well engineers at Blade Energy Partners have made a training commitment to all our users and clients; we will release a tool tip, tutorial or training video every single day throughout 2019. By the end of the year you will have access to 365 training videos #365commitment2019