New StrinGnosis® Users

For new users of StrinGnosis, welcome to the family. StrinGnosis Academy is here to guide you on your journey through the world of StrinGnosis

I Don't Use StrinGnosis® Yet

If you want to use StrinGnosis and would like to experience a free trial, head over to to learn about the benefits and subscription tiers available.

Next Steps...

Select which version of StrinGnosis® you will be using?

StrinGnosis® Online

Casing Design from anywhere from any computer.

StrinGnosis® for Desktops

The legacy desktop application, installed to your PC

Activate StrinGnosis® Online Free Trial

Head over to and sign up for a free trial by clicking the 'Create Account' button.

You'll be asked to confirm your email details, and then we will use this email to contact you before your free trial is up to discuss your needs. For more details on what to expect during the free trial period, be sure to check out the Your Journey. Our Guidance section at

 When Your Account is Activated...

Once your email address is confimed, you can start up your first StrinGnosis® Online session. The following video is a useful introduction to the StrinGnosis® Online architecture and menu system:

Activate StrinGnosis® Software Application

After licensing the software application , you will have been provided with link to download it or we will have been in contact with you to provide access.

Once you have access to the installation file, please follow the below video guide to activate StrinGnosis® either online or offline.

If you have any issues with activating your StrinGnosis® license on either version, please contact us here.

Final Steps...

We have provided you with a section for Tutorials, Events, FAQ's, Release Notes, News and more. Feel free to explore the website and familiarize yourself with the Academy.