Here are some of the things you need to know.

This is some of the questions we have received from engineers whist using StrinGnosis®. Feel free to contact us and help support the well engineering community. Contact Us. .

Q. I have forgotten my password? / How do I change my password?

A. When on the main login page (, click on the option “Forgot my password” which is found below the “Create Account” button.

Select “Forgot Password” (as highlighted above)

Q. How do I reorganize files in my Home folder?

A. Go to the foursquare icon in the top left to get to “explorer” and then move files freely between folders.

Q. How do I set the number and date format for my local region?

A. Settings (gear icon) then click Regional Settings to see the settings you can make changes to.

Q. What is AppStream 2.0?

A. Amazon AppStream 2.0 is a fully managed application streaming service that provides users instant access to their desktop applications from anywhere. Amazon AppStream 2.0 simplifies application management, improves security, and reduces costs by moving a company’s applications from their users’ physical devices to the AWS Cloud. The Amazon AppStream 2.0 streaming protocol provides users a responsive, fluid performance that is almost indistinguishable from a natively installed application. With Amazon AppStream 2.0, organizations can realize increased flexibility, improved scalability, and the agility to support a broad range of compute and storage requirements for their applications.

Answer courtesy of Amazon AppStream 2.0 FAQ section found here.

Q. Where are the server locations for StrinGnosis® Online?

A. EU West (Ireland) – Asia Pacific (Tokyo) – EU Central (Frankfurt) – US East (Virginia) – US West (Oregon)

Q. How do you import and export files using StrinGnosis Online?

A. Use our helpful tutorial found here.

Q. Why are my schematics are getting cut off at the bottom when printing, but they looked fine in the browser?

A. The solution is to visit the AppStream settings and adjust the screen resolution to be higher than what it is currently set to. Then try to print again.