Thermal Analysis Tab Overview


You can create a new case by clicking “Add New Case” or you can copy an existing case by clicking the right mouse button on one of them and clicking copy.

When the thermal case window is open, the options you have are Production, Water-Gas Injection, Worst Case Discharge (Gulf of Mexico) and Circulating. When you selection your option, some options will be greyed out and this means they are not editable. For example, you will only be able to select one of “Flowing Bottom Hole Pressure” or “Flowing Wellhead Pressure”, one will remain greyed out whilst the other is selected. You can also add notes at the bottom if needed.

When you have made your profiles, the results are displayed in graphs to the right hand side under the “Temperature Profile” tab. Here you will find your Temperature Profiles Production Max. To help navigate, see below for what each line or dotted line correlates to.

Other tabs include Fluid Pressure, Liquid Holdup, Data, DeltaT and Multiple Temperature. More information on these in the video.

Also see the fluids button on the top, which looks like a liquid drop. StrinGnosis comes with fluids already built but if you need to build your own, you can edit accordingly.