Casing Design Tab Overview

The Casing Design tab, which starts with the sub-tab “Casing Program” which will be blank to begin with.

You can “Add New String” by clicking the button on the bottom right hand side of StrinGnosis. Choose your String Name, then the Type and click OK.

You can then edit each part of the casing, including; OD (in), Weight (ppf), ID (in), Wall Thickness (in), Grade, Connection, Top MD (ft), Bottom MD (ft), TOC MD (ft), Hole Size (ft), Fluid, Fluid Density (ppg) and Tubular Type.

If you want to split the casing to create two sections, you can click your right mouse button on the far left of the created casing. Then hover over “Split Section at Depth” and then you can select a custom value or stick with the default value and click “Split”. You will see that it remains the string number but on the left side it will identify that it is an additional section.

You can then continue to add as many strings as needed for your well design.

By using the right mouse button on the far left of each string, you will find many options available to you. As an example, if you select “Proprietary Tubular Information” and you don’t want to use the API equations to calculate the strength of the pipe, you could select the “Proprietary” option and fill in custom data and then you can add notes to explain changes.

When you have added the final string, it enables the “Packer” button on the bottom right which allows you to add more information. The tabs are “Packer” and “Packer Operation Envelope”. You have “Packer Type” options of “Free”, “Down Limited” (customizable) and “Fixed” (also customizable).