StrinGnosis Online – Intro & Menu

An introduction to StrinGnosis® Online. A look at the menu options in AWS Appstream 2.0

This is a quick introduction to StrinGnosis Online.

First you need to login using your username and password selected when you registered.

Select your preferred region. Note: If you work from one region, then use another, your work will not be saved so you will need to export your work which we will explain later in this guide.

When you click “Launch”, it will launch your session and start fresh or pick up where you left off last time.

At the top, you can click the foursquare icon, which allows you to to display “Windows Explorer” which gives you access to saved files inside of the “Home” folder. “Temporary Files” only holds information for as long as the session is active.

The second option, nexty to the foursquare icon allows you to open up each of the windows that are open, so you can easily navigate and select the window you want to access.

The third tab allows you to view files, where you can upload files from your main PC which is outside of the StrinGnosis session. You can also download files from the StrinGnosis session to your laptop/PC by clicking the file needed, then clicking on “here” on the message that says “A File is Read to Download”.

When using copy and paste within the session, it won’t work as normal. If you try to copy the URL from the browser and then paste it into a note, it won’t work because it is copied to your clipboard and not the StrinGnosis session. To copy and paste within a StrinGnosis session, you need to click the button at the top of the page to the left side of the cog. From there, you need to click “Paste to remote session” and then in the box use CTRL+V to paste the information into the session. When you have done this, you should be able to paste that information where you need to inside of the StrinGnosis session. You can also do this in reverse and copy information from StrinGnosis to your actualy Laptop/PC. To do this, you select “Copy to local device” instead of “Paste to remote session” and follow the same steps.

Under the Cog, you have technical information like regional settings (time zones for example), screen resolutions, streaming mode (best quality or best responsiveness).

The final button on the right side of the cog just maximizes the window. The server options we’ve been explaining above will disappear in this setting.