Stress Results Tab Overview

The StrinGnosis® Stress Results Module is where the well designer can view the design in a variety of ways to determine how it compares with the design criteria. Before anything can be viewed in these tabs, the loads for the selected string must be calculated.

Stress results are generally shown by string, selected from the dropdown list at the top of the Stress Results tab. Results that are specific to a particular load show the load that is selected in the Load dropdown, to the right of the String Selection dropdown.

In most of the stress results tables, the well designer has the option to hide selected rows (usually corresponding to loads) or columns, via the right-click menu on the table.

Warning icons appear on some results to indicate that a load is not calculated, for instance, or that a safety factor falls below the design goal. When copying an image of a table, it may be desirable to disable these warnings. This can be done via the right-click menu as well.