Create a Custom Frac Load

How to Custom Frac Load with the Thermal Analysis and Stress Calculator/Results Tabs.

To begin with, create a new load case inside of the Thermal Analysis tab.

  1. When you have calculated the thermal load case, go across to the Stress Calculator.
  2. Select the following options Add New Load, Custom, Templates, Pressurised Temperature Profiles from Template and then Pressure Test. Note – we do not have a standardized frac load template and as it’s similar, we currently build them from the pressure test template.
  3. Fill in the details and remember to pull in the temperature profile you created at the beginning of this tutorial.
  4. When you have completed filling in the details, click Save.
  5. Click Calculate, then select the Stress Results tab.
  6. Using all of the sub-tabs you can review all of the results from creating the frac load.

To see how to use the Stress Results tab in more detail, please see the tutorial.