Announcing StrinGnosis® 3.1

The Blade Technology development team have been hard at work adding new features to StrinGnosis® and here are some of the latest updates;

  • The thermal engine now also calculates transient thermal simulations.
  • July 2018 API specification for collapse yield strength now used by default.
  •  Multiple pore and fracture pressure profiles are now supported.
  • Extensive refinement of Wellhead Movement calculations.
  • Formation pressure, trajectory, grade and tubular inputs, as well as stress load comparisons, have been extensively reworked and enhanced.
  • Import handling is now unified across the program and much more powerful.

For more information about the latest release of StrinGnosis®, click here.

If you are an active user of StrinGnosis® and have questions about the updates, please feel free to contact us by email:

For new customers, you can read more about the software on our main website:

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